ICS is a provider of comprehensive business development solutions including incorporation services, corporate compliance management, strategic planning and productivity solutions for new and expanding small businesses. We are your one-stop-shop for all of your small business start-up, filing  and development needs.

Business Solutions to Help Get You Where You Want to Be

Business Start-up

  • Investment Grade Business Plans
  • Idea Conceptualization and Plan Outline
  • Consultation on Business Structures
  • Support with start-up business marketing and promotion
  • Complete Logo Design with unlimited revisions

Incorporation & Entity Formation

Protect your personal assets and gain business credibility by forming a Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC) or pursue your dream of Starting a Nonprofit. We offer a variety of comprehensive formation packages with extended support to meet your business needs and budget.

  • C Corporation
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Limited Partnership
  • Nonprofit Corporations
  • S Corporation
  • Series LLC

Business Development

  • Complete Business Registration and Licensing Service
  • Support with business location, planning and logistics
  • Conducting a S.W.O.T. analysis (i.e. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)
  • Meeting Minutes, Corporate Resolutions Bylaws & Operating Agreements

Corporate Compliance Service

Most business owners fail to perform even the most basic actions necessary to safeguard their corporation and private assets from frivolous creditors, lawsuits, judgments, and liens. ICS Provides its clients the necessary support to keep their businesses in compliance with state statutes, keeping the corporate veil intact, while allowing clients the freedom to focus on the day-to-day activities of their business.

Business Licenses & Permits

Don’t ignore the important business license, permit, and tax registration requirements for your business. Our Business License & Registration Service helps you identify the appropriate and necessary applications for your location and industry. You may also easily file a DBA through our website or just check the pricing in every county in all fifty states.

Corporate Record Book Audit

Are you confident that your Corporate Record Book would survive a government audit? Is your company in line with the state-imposed requirements and internal corporate formalities? Regain control of your business and avoid costly fines that accompany missed deadlines and forgotten paperwork.

Group Workshops

Participate in one of our Business Plan Development, Networking Essentials or Business Essentials workshops, hosted by James Rounds. An ICS Business Advisor leads these interactive business development workshops and addresses specific business issues and challenges faced by the participants. Try out one of our free workshops with Freelancing 101. Attend and participate in the Professionals and Entrepreneurs of Pittsburgh (PEP) fessionals and Entrepreneurs of Pittsburgh (PEP)  Roundtable sessions. Give us a call to schedule a workshop near you.

Contact us for more information about our upcoming Business Skills Training Course, which provides participants with expert guidance and interactive weekly instruction on a practical business development process –“a blueprint for success”– for start up and early growth businesses. The Business Skills Training Course is designed to help new business owners master the fundamentals of business development -the “nuts and bolts”- of properly establishing a functional business system for their business which will enable them increased flexibility and increase their overall effectiveness.

Contact Us to discuss any of these services.

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