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Get started in social mediaEven with all the work you do to create a great website and drive traffic to it, if you don’t have a way to communicate with your prospects and customers on a regular basis they will forget about you. That’s where social media and email marketing come in. They are good at keeping your brand top of mind.

Social media is unique in its ability to warm people up to you. It’s like going to networking events where you run into the same people again and again. After awhile they get familiar with you and may end up doing business with you if you have something they need.

For example Facebook helps with your word of mouth because whenever a fan interacts with your Facebook page, it may appears on their friends news feed or news ticker. This, in addition to Facebook ads, is what expands your visibility to more people who might also be interested in your services but may not be actively searching. On twitter, if your content is interesting enough it will get retweeted to your fan’s followers, thereby increasing your reach to new groups of people.

By using social media you have the opportunity to reach new people and interact with them on a more personal level. There is an ease and comfort communicating from one’s home computer or mobile device. It’s easy to do, fast, and non-threatening. Because of this, people are more likely to use social media for rapid communications than any other way. Hopefully you have your brand’s social portals set up and have systems in place to respond to this every-growing method of communication.

For the long-term, it’s always better to manage your brand’s social media in-house. You know your product and service best. But it can be time consuming and it’s better to have it done consistently rather than haphazardly and only when you “have time.” To solve this, I recommend you have a professional get you set up correctly and manage it until you can handle it on your own. They can get you up and running in no time, build your list of fans and create content appropriate for your industry. During this time you’ll start to see what content resonates best with your fans and essentially get your social media road map worked out for your brand. Ideally someone in your company would take over managing your social platforms once they are working successfully…like someone in the marketing, sales or PR department.

I suggest a professional set up and management to start because there is an art to social media. A lot of mistakes can be made by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing and a lot of money can be wasted. I’ve seen some companies hire interns or hire those just out of school to save money. This is the WRONG way to go because mistakes online can harm you and your company. You may even get frustrated with it and come to the conclusion that it “doesn’t work” for you business. Believe me, if it can work for a funeral company it can work for just about any business.

There is a misconception that social media can give you instant results and for those with celebrity status that may be true, but honestly to get a business ramped up and create a good following can take several months. The hardest work is at the beginning stages….getting things set up, creating a social marketing strategy, testing different ideas for engaging fans and then building upon the successes. That’s where someone like me comes in to save you all the pain and headache. I’ve been there done that and know exactly what to do to build a thriving community that keeps your brand top of mind.

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Lisa Miller

LisaMiller is the founder of Buzz Accelerator, an innovative and effective social media marketing service that drives new traffic to its client’s companies. Buzz Accelerator assists businesses which lack the time and resources to handle social media effectively and helps them harness the power of social media to generate word-of-mouth and meet their business objectives.  She is a highly creative individual having worked both as a film composer for ten years and an Art Director for over 15. She co-founded the Film Music Network and Film Music Magazine and has written two music books for the music industry. Her hobbies are riding motorcycles and seeking new adventures. Visit her on the web at: www.buzzaccelerator.com