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Are you confident that your Corporate Record Book would survive a government audit? Did you know that 85% of all business entities across the U.S. fail to meet the most basic Compliance Requirements?  Where does your nonprofit organization stand with regards to its state-imposed requirements and internal corporate formalities?

The first and most crucial step in determining if your organization is compliant is to develop an idea of where your organization is right now. From here, you can begin to apply a solution that will keep your organization compliant, maintain your nonprofit status, and enable you to readily apply for and qualify more easily for grant funding.

ICS’s Nonprofit Compliance & Grant Readiness Assessment  is designed to do just that; help you to pinpoint areas of strength as well as areas that are most in need of improvement. Our team will audit your programs and corporate records and help put you on the path to maintaining your 501(c)(3) status and avoid costly fines that accompany missed deadlines and forgotten paperwork. For those organizations that are dependent on federal and state governments for funding, our services will increase the likelihood of success when submitting grant applications as well as in completing state and federal forms.

Let us help put your organization on the path to continued success as you rise to new levels. Give us a call and learn about our Nonprofit Compliance & Grant Readiness Assessment and gain some valuable insight about your organization’s relationship with its compliance as well as an understanding of the difficulties your organization may encounter.

                        ICS – A Full Service Solution

                                       Our Nonprofit Compliance & Grant Readiness 
                                        Assessment Service begins at $300 and includes:

      A Review and/or creation of a custom Corporate Records Book,
A report outlining your company’s compliance status,
A Certificate of Good Standing from the Secretary of State,
Sample business and corporate governance forms
A review of your company’s Bylaws and Minutes,
Create or update your Resident Agent Record Book,
Review and/or preparation of Minutes and Resolutions, and
Nonprofit Record Keeping tips and guidelines
Compliance and Grant Readiness Checklists.

 Give us a call or visit our website to learn how ICS can help you with your organization’s Corporate Compliance.

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